Emaillerie Belge, founded in 1923, started with a main focus on household products and later-on evolved towards enamelled advertisement. This was a major success until the 60’s, when the government reduced public advertisement, which led towards a crash within the enamel industry. Many companies closed their doors whereby Emaillerie Belge remained as the only producing enamel company within the Benelux today.

Emaillerie Belge kept standing because of its great knowledge of the industry and its craft. In 2016 the company was taken over by 2 young entrepreneurs, named Tanguy Van Quickenborne and Vincent Vanden Borre, who were eager to find new ways to integrate enamel.



Emaillerie Belge



Today the company tries out all kinds of new ways to produce and integrate new techniques or colours. With its team of 10 people and almost 100 years’ experience within the industry, Emaillerie Belge tries to meet the needs of every design. Indication signs, publicity boards, architectural panels and design works are some examples of possible realisations. Enamel is a high-quality product that stands for sustainability and with it many benefits, we believe that it is the ideal product to link with your interests or ideas.






Emaillerie Belge













Emaillerie Belge






The company is specialized in enamelling steel plates, this by repeatedly heating at high temperatures +>800°C. Over the years (until the 1950’s), Emaillerie Belge has grown as an industrial enameller, mainly active in the enamelling of domestic appliances (baths, urinals, cookers, etc.). After the limitation of publicity in the 60’s, the company evolved back to its niche market where handwork and top quality are the absolute priority.

Now it masters the different silkscreen printing techniques, colour gradation and four-colour printing process. Its recognized reputation is today protected under the trademark Emaillerie Belge ®. All steps in the production process are handled internally and the baking occurs in an industrial oven with high capacities. This enables us to meet all kind of orders for both small (10 x 10 mm) too large (2500 x 1300 mm) surfaces.

The benefits of enamel are real. It is resistant against atmospheric corrosion, graffiti-proof, scratch free and non-combustible, resistant to high temperatures of +500°C, chemical resistant and easy to clean. All these advantages together with its 780 colour possibilities will give your work an amazing, exceptional look & feel.


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