PANELS, by Julien Renault

Limited series of 6 stackable enamelled trays designed by Julien Renault.

The trays come in 4 different sizes, 6 different colors and can be used individually or combined and stacked in different ways.

A set of 6 trays is available in 2 options: all 6 trays in a different color (see color details below), or all 6 trays in the same color (1 color to choose from the below color options).

The bottom side of the tray has a cork finishing for anti-skid and anti-scratch.

Colors: deep green, deep blue, blue grey, Coral, peach and light grey


─        1 unit of 360 x 240 mm  

─        1 unit of 240 x 240 mm

─        2 units of 240 x 120 mm

─        2 units of 120 x 120 mm


─        Set in 1 color: € 830/set (incl. VAT)

─        Set in 6 colors: € 1.040/set (incl. VAT)

Delivery and/or transport costs are not included.

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