Indication signs, publicity boards, colletion panels, art work and architectural projects are some examples of many realisations. Today, Emaillerie Belge is specialized in enamelling steel plates and natural stone, this by repeatedly heating at high temperatures of +>800°C. All steps in the production process are handled internally and the baking occurs in an industrial oven with high capacities. This enables us to meet all kind of orders for both small (10 x 10 mm) too large (2500 x 1400 mm) surfaces.


Now, the company not only masters the different silkscreen printing techniques, colour gradations and four-colour printing process, but it contiuously develops new techniques, materials and colours on a daily basis. Its recognized reputation is today protected under the trademark Emaillerie Belge ®. 

Enamel is a high-quality product that stands for sustainability and of which it’s benefits are real. It is resistant against atmospheric corrosion, graffiti-proof, scratch free and non-combustible, resistant to high temperatures of +500°C, chemical resistant end easy to clean. All these advantages together with its 780 colour possibilities will give your work an amazing, exceptional look & feel.